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Richard N. Shulik, Ph.D., ABPP

Richard N. Shulik. Ph.D., ABPP


I am a psychologist and a neuropsychologist, licensed as a psychologist in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I provide psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children and adults dealing with problems with attention, learning disabilities, autism, medical problems, and emotional and behavioral problems. I investigate the relationships between brain and behavior, which is critical in situations that involve brain injury, such as traumatic brain injury and lead poisoning. Through my experience evaluating these conditions, I have accumulated many hours of experience providing expert witness testimony in court. In addition, I provide counseling for children, adolescents, and adults, parenting counseling, and neurofeedback training.

I graduated from the University of Michigan, and earned my Master of Arts in Psychology from Harvard, and my doctorate from the University of Chicago. I was awarded a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology and am a Fellow in the Academy of Clinical Psychology at the same institution. I have 32 years of experience in providing psychological services.


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