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Welcome to Edward Jacobs, Ph.D. & Associates, a practice providing comprehensive psychological services, including psychotherapy, neurofeedback, psychological and neuropsychological testing, learning disabilities services, special education consultation, and quantitative EEG.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice of highly trained professionals serving people of all ages, from infancy throughout adulthood. We work with individuals and families, tailoring our methods and interventions to best suit the needs of our clients. Every person is treated as an individual, and each person's and family's needs are carefully assessed so we can develop the most suitable and effective ways to help.

The diversity of our training gives us the flexibility to meet the varied and often complex needs of our clients, and allows us to draw on each others' experience to enhance the services that we provide.

We practice with the strictest confidentiality under the law and with great respect for each of our clients.

The practice was started in 1987 by Dr. Edward Jacobs. During the more than three decades that the practice has grown, there has been a consistent emphasis on providing the highest quality of mental health and learning disability services. Staff members are selected who have exceptional training and experience and the highest ethical principles. Staff members must be able to serve a diverse range of clients, and must enjoy collaborating with the other professionals on the staff in order to continue learning and developing as professionals. Often a client is served by one staff member, but it is also common for a client or a family to need the services and expertise of more
than one clinician, and that calls for a high level of collaboration, which we are happy to provide.


Towne Square Professional Condominiums
12 Parmenter Road
Londonderry, NH 03053
Phone: (603) 437-2069
Fax: (603) 437-5588

Office Hours:

By appointment only.

Availability weekdays and evenings.

Saturday  hours are available by special appointment.

Please visit our other website: http://www.neurofeedbacknewhampshire.com/


Edward Jacobs, Ph.D. & Associates: Psychological Services • Neurofeedback • Learning Disabilities Services • Tutoring

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