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The book has been a wonderful coach to me as a father. Until very recently I hadn't even heard of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Typical of most parents, I refused to acknowledge that my child had any "illness" serious enough to warrant a clinical designation. Most kids generally seem over-energetic to their parents anyway, so how is a parent to know when a child crosses the line to "hyperactivity?" Only a clinical professional can offer an accurate diagnosis and I urge all parents to seek help if they suspect that their kids may need help. Once I learned and acknowledged to myself that my child was, in fact, more than just "energetic," I was scared. However, I was also determined to learn as much as possible about ADHD and had the good fortune of attending one of Dr. Jacobs' public speaking engagements in the Boston area, where he is very well known and respected. (He is often interviewed on the local news shows, and writes a weekly column in one of the area newspapers.) Well, I bought his book that day and read it cover-to-cover in two sittings. Dr. Jacobs presents his material in a very pragmatic and understandible fashion. His comprehensive strategy covers much more than just how to help the child, which it does extremely effectively. He also describes creative ways for parents to help one another. He focuses on both problem prevention and resolution. I discovered through other literature and journals that Dr. Jacobs is an expert on the naturally different parenting instincts of fathers vs. mothers. I think that his knowledge and experience in this differentiation are key to the success of his methods and teachings. I recommend "Fathering the ADHD Child" to anyone with children, not just those with ADHD children. I think Dr. Jacobs' coaching techniques are universally applicable and helpful to any parent who could use some guidance on familial responsibility and relationship nurturing, which includes just about any mom or dad I have ever met.  

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"Dr. Jacobs has drawn on his own experience as well as the knowledge in the field to create a moving, useful, unique book that should be helpful to any parent and all clinicians. A comprehensive resource and a welcome addition to the literature."—Edward Hallowell, M.D., The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health, Concord, MA

"This is the book for fathers who have traditionally stayed outside the treatment loop; it is also the book for mothers who have tried to get their husbands more involved; and it is the book for professionals who too often neglect the critical role the father plays in the ADHD family."—Robert L. Weber, Ph.D., Cambridge (MA) Hospital

"Compassionate and filled with helpful real-life examples, Dr. Jacobs' book is a superb reference for parents and professionals."—Pamela L. Enders, Ph.D.,
Harvard Medical School

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Another wonderful volume by Dr. Edward Jacobs.  Dr. Jacobs has written another wonderful volume in practical parenting techniques. I read Dr. Jacobs' first book, "Fathering the ADHD Child," a few years ago, and it really helped me tremendously as a parent. Naturally, I was very eager to find out what new ideas Dr. Jacobs wanted to share with his second publication. I was astounded to find that I liked his new book even better! "ADHD: Helping Parents Help Their Children" does exactly that! It helps us help our kids find their way in this world. One of the most important, albeit painful, realizations of a parent is that he/she cannot be there for a child forever. Therefore, as parents, we must teach them everyday to thrive in the world independently. The book offers a number of very practical tools, such as charts, diaries, etc., to quantitatively track and manage positive and negative behaviors. These alone are worth many times the price of the book. It is simply amazing how much "true" progress we can make when we measure ourselves methodically and accurately. Clearly such goal setting and assessment techniques have proven helpful in weight control and anger management, but the application of such "scorecards" is actually even more effective with children. Kids just love to keep score! And they love to "win," so the motivation to succeed under a point system is very natural for youngsters. Frankly, I believe these tools can be very effective for any child, not just those with ADHD. Dr. Jacobs also offers pragmatic advice in a number of settings and situations. These include schooling, social skills, discipline, authority and medication. The book even covers the topic of marital issues, such as separation and divorce. I would encourage all parents who want to hone their childrearing skills to take a look at this book. Even those without ADHD children can benefit enormously from the concepts and techniques presented by Dr. Jacobs.

Other reviews:

"Dr. Jacobs's book is a superb reference for clinicians. It is useful, insightful, and a valuable addition to the field. Health and mental health professionals will find this book enlightening and rewarding. Dr. Jacobs gives practical and concise suggestions that therapists can use to support parents of children with learning disabilities and help them meet with success."—Teresa Allissa Citro, executive director, Learning Disabilities Association of Massachusetts

In this practical and informative book, Dr. Edward H. Jacobs demonstrates how he helps parents work effectively to acquire skills that help their children. Clinicians will find concrete exercises, forms, and techniques that deal with such issues as the use of medication, the consequences of divorce, and the child with ADHD in the school system.


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