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I am a psychologist licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I provide counseling and psychotherapy, neurofeedback training, and psychological testing to children and adults, and consultation. I work with children from infancy through adolescence, and with adults. I will first do a comprehensive clinical assessment so I can get to know you better and understand what your needs are. Then I will discuss with you the possible ways that I or my colleagues might be able to help you. I might recommend individual, family or couples counseling, parenting meetings, psychological testing, neurofeedback training, or consultation to your or your child's school, physician, health care provider or mental health provider. I will explain to you the reasons for my recommendations and give you plenty of opportunity to ask me questions and discuss the options.

I have over 36 years of experience in providing mental health services. I graduated from Vassar College and earned my Ph.D. from Temple University. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at Judge Baker Guidance Center as a Clinical Fellow in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, where I later served on the clinical faculty as a Clinical Instructor in Psychology. I have also taught at Temple University, and I served on the faculty of EEG Spectrum International, one of the major training programs in the world for neurofeedback. I enjoy collaborating with other professionals, and have supervised and consulted to many other clinicians working with children and adults, providing psychotherapy, neurofeedback training and psychological testing. I also enjoy writing, and I have published many articles on family therapy, parenting, child development and neurofeedback, and I have published two books written for parents of children with ADHD.

I am trained in a variety of approaches to psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, behavior modification, biological and family systems methods. My practice includes working with children and adults with emotional and behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Asperger's Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, learning disabilities, Tourette's Disorder, family dysfunction, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and medical issues.



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Book Reviews:

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Member, American Psychological Association: www.apa.org
              New Hampshire Psychological Association: www.nhpaonline.org

Affiliate,  EEG Spectrum International: www.eegspectrum.com

              EEG Info: www.eeginfo.com

              Brainmaster Technologies: www.brainmaster.com

              International Society for Neurofeedback and Research: www.isnr.org




1985                      State of New Hampshire, Certified (1985-1998) and Licensed (1998-) Psychologist
1982                      Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Licensed Psychologist 


1981                      Ph.D.  Clinical Psychology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA                                        
Commendation for achievement from clinical psychology faculty     
1979                      M.A.   Clinical Psychology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
1975                      A.B.    Independent Program Major: Culture, Psychology, and Education,                                        
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY                                         
General, Departmental, and Undergraduate Thesis Honors


1989-1993              Clinical Instructor in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
1978-79, 1980-81 Instructor in Psychology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
1979-80                  Clinical Fellow in Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School 


1992-1997             Affiliate staff appointment, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth, NH
1990-1993             Supervisor in the group program, The Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA
1987-1992             Staff appointment, Lake Shore Hospital, Manchester, NH
1987-2000             Staff appointment, Parkland Medical Center, Derry, NH; Emergency Services Committee 


1982-                     Private Practice, Londonderry, NH (1987-present), and Cambridge, MA (1982-87)
Adult, child, family, and group therapy; psychological testing; hospital, school, court,
                                and organizational consultation; supervision; neurofeedback; quantitative EEGs.
1989-                     Founder and Director,  Learning Resource Center, Londonderry, NH                              
Assessment and consultation for children and adults with learning disabilities,
                               attention deficits, and emotional and behavior problems.
1984-87                Clinical Consultant, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, Salem, NH                              
Individual, family, and group therapy with patients coping with
                                catastrophic illness and injury; staff consultation;
                                program development in the spinal cord injury, chronic pain, 
                                and stroke treatment programs.
1984-87                Clinical Consultant,  New England Neurological Associates, 
Andover, MA                             
Adult, child, and family therapy focusing on medical and psychosomatic disorders;
                               biofeedback and stress management.
1982-84               Staff Psychologist,  East Boston-Winthrop Counseling Center
Boston, MA                              
  Child and family therapy; psychological testing; supervision of doctoral students;
                               school consultation; program development in schools; grant writing.
1981-82               Staff Psychologist,  Cambridge Guidance Center, Cambridge, MA                              
Child, adult, family, and group therapy; supervision of doctoral students;
                               psychological testing; teaching of the Family Therapy Seminar.
1982                     Staff Psychologist,  Judge Baker Guidance Center, Boston, MA                              
Consultation and inservice training to the Department of Social
                               Services; child
 and family therapy. 
1981-82                Clinical Associate,  The Institute at Newton, Newton Highlands, MA                              
Adult and family therapy.
1981                      Consultant,  North Central MH and MR Center, Philadelphia, PA                             
Psychological testing; consultation to MR clinical and 
                               vocational rehabilitation staff.
1980-81,              Clinical Supervisor and Staff Member,  Psychological Services Center,
1977-79               Temple University, Philadelphia, PA                              
Supervision of doctoral students; training in adult, child, and
                                family therapy, and psychological testing.                 
1979-80                Pre-doctoral Intern,  Judge Baker Guidance Center, Boston, MA                             
Child and family therapy; psychological testing; school consultation;
delinquency evaluation; treatment team leader on the Psychosomatic Unit. 



1993-                   Consulting Editor, Book Review Board, American Journal of Psychotherapy. 


1998-                    “Life Talk,” The Derry News, Derry, NH.  Biweekly column. 
1998- 2000       “Parenting the Child with Learning Disabilities,”  Gazette: The Journal of the 
                        Learning Disabilities Association of Massachusetts
.  Quarterly column. 


University level: 

1982, 1983         Guest Lecturer in Family Therapy, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study,
Tufts University, Medford, MA 
1980-81,             Instructor in Psychology,  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
1978-79              Theories of Personality; Psychopathology. 

Professional courses: 

2006-                   Faculty,  EEG Spectrum InternationalNeurofeedback in a Clinical Practice
kills Enhancement (co-taught) 

Professional symposia: 

2008                    EEG Spectrum International Clinical Interchange Conference                                         
Assessment (
2006                    International Society for Neurofeedback and Research                                          
Moderator: ADHD Clinical Corner (
2000                    New Hampshire Psychological Association (2/11/00)                                         
Working with ADHD Children and Their Parents: Making Creative Use of Conflict
1996                    Parkland Medical Center                                         
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Assessment and intervention in the schools
1993                    Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth, NH  (3/12/93)                                         
Emotional and Behavior Disorders from Elementary Through High School
1992                    Mental Health Lecture Series, Salem Hospital, Salem, MA  (6/26/92)                                         
Combining Individual and Group Psychotherapy
1992                    Portsmouth Pavilion, Portsmouth, NH  (4/17/92)                                         
Combined Individual and Group Therapy: Clinical and Theoretical Issues
1992                    Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, MA  (2/19/92)                                         
Treating the Narcissistic System: Self Psychology and Family Therapy
1991                    Lake Shore Hospital, Manchester, NH  12/6/91)                                         
Combined Individual and Group Therapy: Transference and Countertransference Dilemmas

Workshops and inservice presentations:  See on separate web page.



1995-02                Member, Board of Directors, Derry-Londonderry-Timberlane United Way |
                               (Heritage United Way 2001-02), 
                               1995 Campaign Chairperson; Strategic Planning Committee
1993-95                Professional Advisory Board, Stateline CH.A.D.D., Hampstead, NH
1987-90                Member, Board of Directors, Derry Visiting Nurses Association, Derry, NH
1987-89                Chairman, Southeastern Child Advocacy Team, Derry, NH
1987-88                Member, Board of Directors, The Robert Frost School, Derry, NH 



“Doctor: ADHD effects can be lessened,” The Sunday Telegraph,  11/26/00                             
“Parenting the ADHD child,”  The Derry News, 10/20/00                             
“Psychologist tackles parenting challenges,”  The Derry News, 
“Fathers of ADHD children can play key role,” The Derry News,


Interviewed on The Weekend Show, WMUR Channel 9, Manchester, NH, “Keeping Kids Safe” series: ”Child Mental Health Issues,” 7/26/97                                                           
Interviewed on The
Six O’Clock News, WMUR Channel 9, Manchester, NH, 8/31/9711/11/97 


Discussant on The Exchange,
New Hampshire Public Radio: “Attention Deficit Disorder,” 9/19/97 


America Online live forum on parenting ADHD children, 7/26/98                             
Compuserve live forum on parenting ADHD children,


New Hampshire Psychological Association
Massachusetts Psychological Association Public Information Committee (1985-87)
EEG Spectrum, International
International Society for Neurofeedback and Research         
Biographee, Who’s Who in America 2001-, Biographee, Who's Who in the East 1997-


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