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We accept some insurances.  However, all insurances do not provide coverage for all services.  Also, we are enrolled in several insurance panels as individuals, so not all clinicians will be on the same insurance panels.  Please check with your health insurance carrier to make sure that the clinician with whom you have an appointment is a provider with your insurance. It is also important to check to see if you need prior authorization for an appointment with us.  If you do, it is important that you obtain authorization prior to the appointment, or you might be financially responsible for the appointment.  When you obtain prior authorization, please obtain a general authorization.  If you desire a specialized service, such as psychological testing, we will discuss that at your appointment and then determine what further steps we might need to take to get it approved.

We have had great difficulty getting insurance companies to pay for neurofeedback and brain mapping.  We have had a number of health insurance companies assure us and our patients that these services were covered to be provided by us, only to have the companies deny the claims, resulting in very time consuming and frustrating attempts by us and our patients to get the insurance companies to pay for these services.  Therefore, WE WILL NO LONGER BILL INSURANCE COMPANIES FOR NEUROFEEDBACK OR QEEG SERVICES.  BILLING FOR THESE SERVICES WILL HAVE TO BE WAIVED BY THE PATIENT AND PAYMENT WILL HAVE TO BE MADE DIRECTLY.


Please visit our other website: http://www.neurofeedbacknewhampshire.com/


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