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Download PowerPoint slides of "Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Chronic Pain"  adapted from Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology workshop (must have PowerPoint on your computer)

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Previous workshops by Dr. Jacobs

Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Protocol Innovations in Neurofeedback

Understanding and Working With Students With ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Asperger's Disorder in the Classroom

Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice: Presented in Boston, New York, Chicago, Alexandria, VA, Arlington,VA, Durham, Providence,Jacksonville, Orlando


Protocol Innovations in Neurofeedback: Panel Chair

ADHD and Behavior Issues in Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder   

Just for Dads WIth Children With Learning Disabilities

Brainwave Biofeedback for Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Working with ADHD Children and Their Parents: Making Creative Use of Conflict

Social skills training for children with LD and ADHD

Fathering the ADHD child
Parenting the child with learning disabilities: Mothers, fathers and teamwork                                           
Hope, collaboration, creativity:
A solution-focused model for parents and schools
Gender differences in parenting children with ADHD and learning disabilities
Assessment of children with learning disabilities

ADHD: Assessment and intervention in the schools

Emotional and Behavior Disorders: Elementary Through High School
Combined Individual and Group Therapy: Clinical and Theoretical Issues

Treating the Narcissistic System: Self Psychology and Family Therapy

Combined and conjoint group and individual therapy
Combined Individual and Group Therapy: Transference and Countertransference Dilemmas 
Cancer and young adult development
Countertransference issues with catastrophically ill and injured patients.                                           
Psychological factors in working with spinal cord injured
and stroke patients.                                           
Family and group therapy with chronic pain patients
Family systems theory and school phobia.                                           
The borderline personality


Family therapy training seminar  

Previous workshops by Madeleine Mandelbaum, MSW

Coping with infertility

Coping with adoption

Previous workshops by Margaret S. Bentley, M.Ed.

ParaEducator I seminar

Response to intervention

Differential instruction

Practical and effective brain-based learning strategies

Previous workshops by Vicki Jacobs, MSW

Helping familes cope with Alzheimer's Disease

Family dynamics in coping with illness

Previous workshops by Robert Mattia, M.Ed., CAGS

Working with ADHD and executive functioning disorders in school


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